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pre-school division

ages 3-5

For three to five year-olds, this Division introduces young children to the joys of dance in a nurturing and encouraging setting where they participate in creative movement, drama and music. Gaining a true appreciation for the art of dance, students will learn rhythm, flexibility, musicality and muscle coordination.

junior division

ages 6-12

Classes are specifically designed for the needs and development of children six years to twelve years old and at Levels one to four. In an environment that fosters friendship, teamwork and dance appreciation, young children are registered as recreational students, and attend weekly classes with a focus on fun and physical fitness. In their first experiences with the dance form, students will learn the primary basics of technique in foot, arm and body movements.

senior division

ages 10-18

For students 10 to 18 years old, at Levels five to eight and Senior/Advanced Dance classes, the Senior Division offers weekly classes with a focus on fun and physical fitness. As students learn more advanced steps and combinations, fundamental skills emerge in a polished and enhanced training regimen. Senior ballet students are afforded the opportunity to study pointe upon recommendation.

adult dance

ages 16+

This Division offers the best of both worlds – as a complete workout and a one–of–a–kind forum for learning ballet, contemporary, tap, and hip hop. For the beginner or seasoned veteran, the Adult Dance and Fitness Program is designed to keep up peak motivation. In each class, students will expand their sense of rhythm, style, flexibility and coordination in a non–competitive setting.

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